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Beaten by a bad kit

I build bad kits.  I enjoy the challenge and seeing the history of how scale modeling got to be where it is today.  It is very rare that a kit beats me.   After all, I've finished a Frog Sea Venom, and a Matchbox F-86A Sabre.

I've even taken 1st place at a local contest with a converted Matchbox kit!

This time, however, I admit defeat.  Oddly enough, it's not the 50+ year old 1/144 scale Revell kit of the first generation Boeing 727 that did me in, but rather some distinctly modern high end finishes.   More on that toward the end.

I have certainly found the Revell 727 to be  a challenge, but in a good way.  I pretty much knew what I signed up for before I began.  I've shown the fuselage modifications to bear the weight of the mounting stand previously in my Adapting to the circumstances post.  I had to complete interesting tasks like backing up the open windows of the cockpit from the inside while filling the cabin window dimples from the outside.  I added an intake tr…