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Storm Warning

No, I'm not talking about the gales of November come early, or the clear conspiracy that arranged Alabama-style tornadoes to greet me in Ohio this past weekend.

There!  Did you hear that?  Did it sound like,  maybe...,  thunder?  What the Germans call Donner? Like Donner und Blitzen?

Perhaps it did.  You see, today is November 7th.  This year, the Friday before Thanksgiving is November 17th.  That means the 10-day forecast might have picked up the first inkling of this year's pre-Thanksgiving weekend, me-and-the-boys, blitz build.
With two botched weekend blitzes in a row during 2017, I'm not sure I can make any promises, but we'll give it a try once again.

Long-lead-time item procurement has begun, and I'll be ensuring that all needed parts and paints are on hand for the 5pm 11/17/17 kickoff.  Having just struggled through completing the Sword kit of the Beech Staggerwing, I can assure you that (despite the success of last year's Eduard Hellcat) no Eastern Eu…